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  • For an investment bank interested in a leading equipment supplier for chemical surface treatment, Prochemics performed the commercial due diligence. The results presented by Prochemics helped the bank decide to pursue the transaction. Prochemics has since assisted with recommendations to improve the economic results of the company operations.

  • For a major global chemical corporation, Prochemics assisted in elaborating a business unit strategy for an emerging performance chemicals business. The conclusions elaborated in teamwork with the business unit helped to concentrate the business on the most profitable segments, the strategy is currently being implemented.

  • For a medium-sized chemical company, European number two in its core business, Prochemics assessed the long-term attractiveness of the main downstream businesses and recommended options to strengthen their position. The results served as basis for a diversification concept and an investment plan.

  • For a major chemical company, leading in specialty organic chemicals and seeking to expand the business, Prochemics assisted in confirming the attractiveness of a specific diversification. Prochemics also provided the necessary detail information on market segmentation, product portfolio, customer structure and competition characteristics required to efficiently continue growing the business. Currently the business is developing successfully. The benefits for our customer was a significant reduction of time and costs during the market preparation phase and a faster generation of returns made possible by addressing large customers with the optimal product-service portfolio.